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A small home-based bakery offering delicious baked goods, specializing in custom decorated sugar cookies.

All decorated cookies offered in the shop are our signature Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie with Vanilla Royal Icing unless otherwise noted.

As You Whisk Bakery, LLC is a home-based business and operates under Arizona Cottage Food Law. We are required by the state to notify you that we bake in a home kitchen which may process common allergens (nut, eggs, dairy, gluten) and is not subject to public health inspection.

We can assure you every possible care is taken to insure clean and sanitary conditions.


Hi, I'm Tina. I love to be creative. I also love sweets! I was planning for my youngest daughter's 3rd birthday in early 2022 and decided to try my hand at baking. It was chaotic to say the least. BUT, it was also therapeutic, and at that time, it was just what I needed to bring JOY back into my life. I began researching and quickly figured out I love baking and decorating cookies. I am able to have artistic freedom, and for the cookies that may not turn out just perfect, I get to eat them too! 

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